Registration & Updating BPA Membership

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A) If you are a Physiotherapy graduate completing 5 years Bachelor degree from a UGC approved university, follow Three steps 

1) Fill up the membership form, Click for download. Fill up it and make a Pdf file. 

2) Attach the scanned copy of all of your academic certificates, also attach the filled up Pdf file of the membership form. 

3) send all documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association has a three-step verification process, after verification completes we will contact you through email. The members donate 2550 Bangladeshi taka with one-year subscription fees. There may be additional contribution fees, call +8801789982544 or +8801794859401 or +8801735661492 for details. Once you are registered, you will be a "general member" of BPA and will the most powerful unit of BPA according to the constitution. You can vote and declare your candidate in the central committee and divisional committee elections.  

B) If you are a 3 years long Diploma degree holder in Physiotherapy, you can be registered as "Medical Technologist (physiotherapy)" and will be an associate member. If you have 1.5 years long technician degree in Physiotherapy you will be registered as "Physiotherapy Technician" and will be an associate member.  Call +8801789982544 or +8801794859401 or +8801735661492 for details. 

C) If you are a Physiotherapy student, you can be a student member. Call +8801789982544 or +8801794859401 or +8801735661492 for details


A Registered Member of BPA keeps his/her membership updated by paying monthly donation 100 Bangladeshi taka. If, you are not clear about your membership update follow three steps: 

1) Check your update status by clicking on this link. Check through your membership number. 

2) Pay the dues to BPA

3) send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let the executive officer complete formalities. Call +8801789982544 or +8801794859401 or +8801735661492 for details 

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